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Important Notice

The content you are trying to access has moved to the InsideOPS intranet site at

You will need to use the generic access account that was created for your organization to log into InsideOPS. Many agencies already have an access account, if your agency does not have an access account please follow this process for requesting one:

Agency Account Request Process

  1. The agency I&IT director/manager should contact the InsideOPS team at to request an access account

  2. If the agency does not have an I&IT manger/director then a member of the agency management team can make the request

  3. The InsideOPS team will create a generic access account and forward it to the agency so it can be tested

  4. Once the InsideOPS access account has been successfully tested, the agency will designate at least 2 staff members that will be the primary points of contact for the account. These individuals will be authorized by InsideOPS to contact the OPS Service Desk if there is ever a technical problem with the account.

Read-Only Access

  • Agency staff that access InsideOPS using a shared, generic account will have read-only access. This means that they can search the site, read any information published within pages and posts (including comments/replies), but will not be able to publish any comments or replies to comments of their own

  • The reason for this is that the InsideOPS Community Moderation policy prohibits anonymous commenting and generic account users of InsideOPS are, by definition, anonymous

If you have general questions about agency governance please contact: